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Sage One Switch 7116-4 Fly Rod

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The ONE Series redefined the "All-Around" Rod category, where precision casting is needed over a wide range of conditions. Handcrafted using Sage's KONNETIC TECHNOLOGY®, the ONE Rod is a game changer. It's fast action incorporates a built in sweet spot, making the ONE Rod the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get your fly where you want it. Instead of cussing at yourself and at the rising monster trout, invest in the new Sage ONE Switch Fly Rod. Thanks to its Konnetic technology, this quick-action rod delivers smooth, flawless casts and helps significantly reduce casting wind resistance and fishing fatigue so you're able to put that sexy fly right where it needs to be for that steelhead. This lightweight, super-responsive baby does wonders to your cast.

The condition of the fly rod is as below:
  • Handle: 9/10
  • Guides: 9/10
  • Comes with a original Sage rod bag and tube

    As this is a preowned rod, this rod will not be part of our free shipping program and enquiries can be made through our contact form or in store.

    Asking Price: SGD 400