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Sage Payload 789-4 Fly Rod

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Developed for when the largest of flies are on the menu. Whether you’re popping for panfish with the 689-4, pitching big divers for largemouth with the 889-4, or chucking a small beaver for Musky with the 1193-4, the easy-loading but powerful blank of the PAYLOAD makes blind-casting even the most obscene of flies all-day a practical activity.

(Grains: 230 - 270gr) - Boogle bugs to large trout streamers - Perfect for light-duty smallmouth fishing or banging the banks in search of carnivorous trout

The condition of the fly rod is as below:
  • Handle: 9.9/10
  • Guides: 9.9/10
  • Comes with a Sage Original Cordura rod tube

    As this is a preowned rod, this rod will not be part of our free shipping program and enquiries can be made through our contact form or in store.

    Asking Price: SGD 700