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Tiemco TMC784 Straight Eyed Trailer Hook

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Straight eyed trailer hook for saltwater tube flies

Tube fly, Articulated fly, Saltwater fly, ST/E, Stinger, Forged, Black nickel.

Straight eyed trailer hook for tube flies. The modern stinger bent, short shank and the best angle of point offer better hooking ability. Black nickel finish. Not snelled (because this is not bait fishing.) 

Wide range of hook sizes to adapt the worldwide smaller-hook trend. Smaller hooks have some advantages; less damage on fish, less snagging, better balance and holding ability, less weight. 

Atlantic Salmon: #2/0-4
Steelhead: #1/0-4
Cherry Salmon: #2-8
Rainbows: #2-10
Saltwater: Any size

Hooks come in small packs of 20 each.