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54 Dean Street Ewing Hen Cape

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Hen Capes are one of the most useful materials for the serious fly tier. Ewing Hen Capes features all of the expected qualities in a good hen cape, extra fine quills, soft fibres for great wet flies but with enough flexibility to tie even small dry flies. Ewing Hen Capes are available in many solid, grizzly and bleached grizzly beautiful colours. 

Ewing Hen Capes, with their extra fine quills allow for a perfect wrapping of the hackle, whether you tie classic soft hackle flies or modern wet flies or spiders, or tiny dry flies. Ewing Hen Capes have lots of feathers in the right size range to tie every sort of wet flies, from North Country Spiders to tiny Irish wet flies. 

- Ewing Feathers
- Hen Cape
- Soft Hackle
- Grade #1
- Made in USA